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sábado, 25 de outubro de 2014


It is really easy to stay healthy in Rio the Janeiro by taking some precautions. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended for tourists to contract a traveler medical insurance in advance.

The pharmacies in Rio are opened 24h / a day. Remember that pharmacies request the doctor’s prescriptions for some specific medicines and it is impossible to buy these medicines unless the order is presented.

Tourists are mostly affected by sun burns, especially during summer months, when staying in the beach for several hours without wearing sunscreen might result in sunstroke. A good sunscreen should be used when going to the beach as well as when taking city tours in sunny days. Be aware and mind this tip on your trip to Rio.

Due to the hot and humid weather, Rio is occasionally invaded by mosquitoes, especially during the summer months of February and March. It is recommended using a good insect repellant to avoid being bitted by dangerous mosquitoes (i.e. dengue).

Having a great time in Rio de Janeiro is almost assured; only try to be cautious, try to carry a sun screen lotion and a insect repellant all the time in your bag, and you will surely spend and excellent time!

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