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quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2014


By Martín Generali on 4 June, 2014 in Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Southeast

*This post has been translated by an automatic translator

Everybody fits in Lapa.
A neighborhood of artists, bohemian, decided to be different, where thousands of people populate the streets and bars every Friday night.
Countercultural, Lapa is an icon of  Rio de Janeiro´s night.

What is Lapa?

As if the under raise to the surface carioca North, as if the center of a neighborhood could reach the ends of the Earth for a few hours, as if there is only one place, that was all, as if insanity is normal and normal, madness, Lapa is crazy. And it is OK.

Near midnight, from the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, travelers take buses that run along Atlantic Avenue and cross avenues cariocas looking for the neighborhood of Lapa, where foreigners and locals form a rare and massive community of people dancing, singing, and drinking beer in the street. It is Lapa: there are outside tables, chairs, samba and desires. It would say that Lapa pulls out. That releases with its relaxed atmosphere. Live and let live.

To do in Lapa

Drink (perhaps without very sparingly) in the doorstep of the bars. Walk between walls that speak through his graffiti and murals. Search site among its famous stairways. Let the legs hang one of their breaks and see that river of people pass in front of their eyes. In one of its clubs, dance non-stop. It will have been where heaven and hell come together for a while; many streets in the North of Rio de Janeiro.

Lapa crazy and then?

This Lapa on Friday night is another one during the day. Then their colors and their soul of artist are revealed. Its gentle rebellion against being a city. The pulse of the men and women who inhabit it as if it were a work of art.

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